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Animation, "Tazmania Films, Once Upon a Day in Wonderland"

Sorry, this Web Creation no longer exists.

Rstearns Graphics is striving
to recreate it as soon as possible.

Movie Trailer , "Once Upon A Day In Wonderland"

Link to: Movie trailer, "Once Upon A Day In Wonderland"
Once Upon A Day In Wonderland

"Once Upon A Day In Wonderland",
is an imaginary movie trailer which features a variety of different computer graphics.

Rstearns Graphics created this movie trailer using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Live-Motion for educational purposes.

Interactive example, "Louis Armstrong"

"Link to: Interactive example, "Louis Armstrong""
Louis Armstrong

Graphic interactives add a great deal of visual interest to a site and will help keep a user actively involved and hold their attention longer.

Interactives are a common method to provide users information in a fun and visual manner.

This interactive featuring the legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong was a great experience.

Animation example, "The Fish Tank"

Link to: Animation web site, "Fish Tank"
The Fish Tank

This fun project called "The Fish Tank",
was created by Rstearns Graphics as an educational exercise in animation.

The Fish Tank animations are very interesting with the various tropical fish swimming back and forth.

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