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Booklet layout design, "Houston Elementary School Handbook"

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Houston School Handbook

Houston Elementary School Handbook is a preliminary comprehensive booklet design that was submitted to a design contest.

It was created in Quark Express and Photoshop then exported into a Acrobat file.

This file can easily be accessible and transferable for everyone that has a computer and access to the internet.

If you don't have Acrobat you can download a copy of it here, Get Adobe Acrobat now.

Catalog layout design , WWTC campus bookstore

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WWTC Catalog

WWTC campus bookstore is a preliminary design of a catalog Rstearns Graphics created for WWTC's school campus bookstore as an educational project which included acquiring models and conducting photoshoots.

This was a very interesting project where we
gained experience working with a number of models, creating fashion photography and having to deal with a production schedule.

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