Ed2Go - Course Lessons and Projects

Ed2go offers a wide range of highly interactive courses you can take entirely over the internet. All of their courses include expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. These online courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you.

Here are few Ed2go Web development courses I have taken. I have saved and reconstructed most of the information I have collected to form these offline tutorials for all my friends to view and learn from. Enjoy!

Intermediate CSS and XHTML

Advanced CSS3 and HTML5

Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

Introduction to PHP and MySQL

Intermediate PHP and MySQL

Intermediate Java Programming

Intermediate Dreamweaver CS3

Introduction to PC Troubleshooting

Introduction to XML

WWTC - JavaScript Course

These JavaScript examples are from lessons and projects I did during a JavaScript course at Western Wisconsin Technical College.

The Missing Manuals

O'Reilly's Missing Manuals are a series of manuals on a variety of popular consumer software and hardware products that did not come in the box. These manuals have included free tutorial downloads which are great learning tools for what interests you. Collected here are some relevant Web development tutorials you can pick apart and see how the code works and maybe even learn something cool.

Creating a Website

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

HTML5 - Hyper Text Markup Language

Javascript and jQuery scripting languages

PHP/MySQL - serverside scripting language and database query language

Adobe Dreamweaver, Web creation software

Other Tutorials

Everybody knows about the book series "For Dummies", so here I added some tutorials from JavaScript for Dummies for anyone interested in JavaScript.

Javascript for Dummies

Other Web Sites

I just wanted to show everyone some of my other Web sites I have created, including my RStearns Graphics portfolio site.

H.G. Wells

RStearns Graphics portfolio site

***Important Notice***

(A large part of the information, tutorials and layout templates have been gathered and displayed from the Ed2go, The Missing Manual, and the For Dummies web sites are for non-profit educational purposes only).

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